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Carson City Chiropractor Dr Scott Kipling explaining treatment to a new client

Carson City based Chiropractor Dr. Scott Kipling has been treating clients with back and neck pains successfully for over twenty years.   Using cutting-edge insight, combined with decades of hands-on experience, Dr.  Kipling can offer natural relief of chronic neck/back pain, headaches, disc disorders and personal injury cases.  In addition to adults, Dr. Scott Kipling has nurtured newborns, infants, teenagers and seniors to feel better and live a more comfortable lifestyle.  There’s  a good reason why health-conscious Carson City families choose Dr. Kipling Chiropractic clinic.   Just ask our clients!

Client’s Testimonials

“If you’re not one of the many people who come to our office by way of a local referral, it can be helpful to hear what other patients say about us.

“What you have done borders on a miracle.”

“I can’t say thank you enough.  Thank you Dr. Kipling, and your staff, for your caring ways and improving my quality of life. You really made me smile.”  Mary Williams Hurt

Mary Williams Hurt

Is Pain Keeping You From Your Hobbies

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Do aches and pains keep you from enjoying a full life?  Call us today to learn more about how we combine traditional chiropractic treatments with modern wellness concepts and technology that can turn long sedentary days into active lifestyles.

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